1963 Ford Falcon Paul from Maryland

Paul first acquired this beautiful Ford Falcon vehicle a few years back, while he was taking a weekend drive in Delaware. He drove past this beautiful car sitting in someone’s driveway and he kept an eye on it for several months. Finally he pulled into the driveway and asked the owner if it was for sale. To his surprise, he ended up buying the Falcon & bringing it home the following weekend.

When he got the car home he immediately began working on it, but when nearing completion he had some severe pain in his neck and found out one of his vertebrae’s was not where it should be.

Then, shortly after his neck was better he took his daughter to the local ice skating rink where he slipped and fell on the ice, injuring his back. He was taken to the hospital where they found that he fractured his spine and they found a mass on his right kidney. With more tests, they found the mass was a tumor, and it was cancerous. In order to avoid the cancer spreading, the doctors had no choice other than to operate right away.

Now, fast forward to today: He’s almost completely recovered & is very excited to finally get to drive his beautiful 1963 Ford Falcon. Paul and his doctors call his accident a miracle. If he hadn’t fell that day, they would have never of found the cancer and he wouldn’t of had much time left. Paul is very thankful and says “it wasn’t his time yet.”