1965 Buick Skylark Paul from Texas

In 1972, a high school volunteer firefighter named Paul had so little that he was living at the fire station. He met the love of his life, Debora, at school and needed a way to take her out. So with $400, he bought a 1965 Buick Skylark. It was a beautiful convertible with original New York plates that read "New York License Plate 1964 World's fair". Even though he had to pull the roof up and down by hand and needed a lot of work, it was the perfect ride for the two.

Paul eventually drove Debora down to the pier in that Buick where he proposed. The two lived happily together: Paul became a real firefighter, and together, they had a son who would grow up to join the military. The car was the centerpiece of their life together: it was their beginning and their son’s childhood. However, Paul’s parents were aging with no money and desperately needed a car. He gave the Buick to them even though it broke his heart. Since his parents couldn’t afford the maintenance needed for an old car, the Buick was eventually scrapped.

Forty-one years later, Paul’s son found the exact car online. Paul and Debora saved up and bought it for each other as an anniversary present. The pair still go for rides in the car together to remember how they first fell in love.

Elise Zagore