1958 Chevrolet Corvette Pete from North Carolina

Maj. Pete shares his passion for his 1958 Corvette with his wife Joy of 51 years. One of the many ways of sharing this with his family is by taking the grandkids for rides when they visit. One of his favorite memories of sharing this passion is when his daughter asked him in 2001 if the Corvette was running. She told him that when she got married she wanted him to drive her in the Corvette from his home to the church. Little did he know that she was announcing her engagement with this question! The Major informed her that the car wasn’t crystal. He hammers it when he takes it out for rides and gives it a good work out. He promised his daughter that he would be gentle with the car so that it would remain running until her wedding day. On the day of the wedding, everything went off perfectly. The bride rode up to the church in the Corvette with the top down. The wedding videographer said it was the best entrance he had ever seen a bride make in ten years. Many others agreed with that assessment.
The Major bought the 1958 Corvette in 1969 while training in the Air Force in Sacramento. He knew he wanted a turtle deck from the get-go. He had looked at a dozen cars before deciding on this beauty.
As the third owner of this classic Pete appreciates the value of his classic. The first owner had it several years and the second owner sold it to Pete when he was going to ship out to Vietnam. Pete used the 'Vette as a "real car" for almost ten years. However, when returning from a 10-day USAF trip to New Jersey, he found the car in snow up to the headlights. He thought that maybe it was time to transition to more of a show/parade car. It always runs, the engine was redone (327/350), but has not been restored.
The Major takes his prize possession to car shows and recently won Best In Show as a People’s Choice in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Marlene Heeres