1941 Studebaker Champion Randy from Washington

Randy has owned this 1941 Studebaker since high school and he used to drive it every day, but it has been parked since 1976. He bought it due to it being such a better engineered and constructed car vs Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc.

He was so very excited to be restoring his car and get it back on the road. Randy shared that he needed a new gas tank sending unit and he found a guy with a warehouse full of parts. His name is Bob and years ago he purchased the old parts depot for Studebaker outside the Chicago Speedway – he has ALL the remaining NOS/factory parts.

Bob said he had a gas tank sending unit but it's on the third floor, and at 86 he doesn't go to the 3rd floor anymore. Randy had to convince Bob to hire someone to walk up the stairs to the third floor and find the part. It took Randy 5 phone calls to convince the guy to sell the part, and to hire the guy to walk up to the third floor.

Dan Bradfield