1934 Ford Model 40 Richard from Virginia

Rich is well-known for his mechanical skill, but even more so for his giving nature. He helps out the elderly in his community by fixing their lawnmowers and doing other small engine repairs when needed. Rich also cared for his elderly father for ten years before he sadly passed.

After undergoing three debilitating back surgeries, Rich began to experience the realities that go along with overwhelming medical expenses. He was on the brink of losing his home when his luck turned around. Rich won $4 million after buying a scratch off lottery ticket. For those who received Rich's help, it made sense that his new found luck had everything to do with his selfless acts of kindness.

Rich is now the proud owner of a custom 1934 Ford Model 40 street rod, and cannot wait to start enjoying the hobby to the fullest.

Nominated by Joseph in Auto Sales & Service