1937 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo Richard from California

Richard swore that he was done with projects and would take some time to enjoy his current classics. That all changed three weeks ago with a vehicle he purchased from Mecum Auction. This 1937 Cadillac 85 caught Richard’s eye due to its unique story. The original owner of the vehicle, May Luchsinger, who also happened to be the richest woman in Wisconsin at the time, had special ordered this vehicle for herself and her friends rather than hiring a chauffeur. This was during the depression era and she was embarrassed to show off her wealth so she had the body shortened to appear as more of a common vehicle while still maintaining the limousine comforts within the cab. Ms. Luchsinger also special ordered a dash plaque and horn button inscriptions for her one of one Cadillac. It was so unique, it got to be a part of the Harris Laskey collection for a time as well. Richard plans on restoring the vehicle back to its hay-day status and he is excited to give the car a future that truly honors its past.

Melinda Hugo