1948 Plymouth P-15 Special Deluxe Richard from California

When Richard first found his Plymouth it was sitting in the yard of the original owner, who just happened to be his boss at the time, being used as a chicken coop. Thankfully it had covers over the seats to protect them from the all of the damage the chickens can cause. The paint however had already oxidized and it still had flat tires though and it took about 4.5 hours to pump up the tires with a bicycle hand pump. He then rolled it to the nearest shop to get a new 6v battery put in so he could start driving. His boss originally wanted $350 but his wife made him drop the price to $75 for the hard working young man in his employ.

While Richard was driving the Plymouth, he accidentally burnt the valves running at 70 mph for too long. Richard was slowly working on getting it going again, but before he could finish it, he ran into issues with the wiring harness and couldn't complete restoration. The Plymouth ended up sitting at the shop for the last 35-40 years as a result. Richard tried to get it hauled away 3 times, but for a variety of reasons that never happened. Eventually he decided he liked the car too much and wanted to finish the restoration on it. The Plymouth still has all of the original accessories, all of the original gauges are now working again, and even still uses the 6V electrical system and Richard is looking forward to enjoying it once more.

The Plymouth currently has dual Offenhauser intake manifolds, Fenton exhaust headers, and a custom 1953 OD transmission. He plans on further customizing the car with custom paint & upholstery.

Kyle Miller