1969 Volkswagen Beetle Richard from Minnesota

Richard had just left the service in 1970 when he bought his blue 1969 VW Beetle. Over the next few years he came to love them and purchased a 1964, 1965 and 1967. He married his wife Katherine in 1972 and started a family straight away. Unfortunately, he also unexpectedly lost his job. He had to take funds from his savings and retirement and sold the VW’s in order to survive. As time went on he never stopped thinking about the 1969 VW he had purchased and began to shop around for another…something he could afford. He dreamed of winning the “Powerball” lottery and often told friends he would buy another one someday.

His son Jeremy knew of the love his father had for the vehicle and started shopping around as well. Jeremy found and purchased a red 1969 VW just like the one his father used to own. They wanted to make it a surprise so Jeremy, his brother and mother made a plan. Katherine (Richards’s wife) distracted him while Jeremy and his brother drove the Volkswagen to his home. Richard describes the day as a typical weekend where the family were all over for a picnic. His brother-in-law distracted him while his sons got the car in the driveway. Next thing he knew his sons came in the house and said “We have something to move, but it’s too heavy for the both of us to pick up. Can you come and help?”

He went outside and saw a beautiful red 1969 Beetle. When Richard saw the vehicle he collapsed in the driveway. He was so elated to have another one!! Since the surprise they have taken to 2 shows. Everyone comments on the excellent condition.

Alex Bower