1971 Ford Mustang Richard from HI

This Mustang funny car was originally built, owned and raced by the first female African American Drag Race driver “Nitro Nellie” Goins.

It began its race life in 1971 and went through 1975 when a tire got off the track causing it to crash. The car suffered damage to the chassis and the body at Bristol raceway. The Mach 1 was equipped with a full blown nitro-burner and could reach speeds approaching 215 mph on the straight away.

Drag race drivers were not paid well in the 70’s and Nellie, who had a family to raise, could not afford to repair the car. In 1975 she retired from the sport and put her damaged champion Mach 1 in the garage for 30 years. Nitro Nellie was inducted into the drag race hall of fame in 2014.

Mr. Lucas purchased the Mustang 6 years ago and was able to fund the restoration of it. Today it has all of the original 1975 parts it had when it crashed expect for new paint. It is the most original nostalgic drag racer known to be on tour. Mr. Lucas and “Nitro Nellie” travel to NHRA drag race events showing off the car together throughout the year.

The 1971 ‘Goins and Goins’ is currently scheduled to be on display in a California museum for the next year continuing to share its race history.

Seth Halbert