1975 MG MGB/GT Golden Jubilee Richard from Oregon

In 1975, British Leyland released a “Golden Jubilee” edition of the MGB/GT to celebrate the company’s 50th Anniversary, and to boost sales of MG’s. They had planned to release 750 of the special edition vehicles, 400 of which would be sold in the U.S., but due to changing U.S. regulations the vehicles were withdrawn from the U.S. market. Richard Mullins, an American MG enthusiast, owns one of only three Golden Jubilees that made it to the U.S. He rescued it from London in 2010 after it was deemed unworthy for the road. Richard’s Golden Jubilee was in near-original condition when he purchased it, and he has worked tirelessly to source original parts from the U.S. and U.K. to ensure that his vehicle is as close to factory standard as possible. Richard is also the only person worldwide who currently owns both the 1975 MG Golden Jubilee and the 1967 MG MGB/GT Special, which was created to celebrate the first anniversary of the BGT being sold in the USA.