1963  Chevrolet II Nova Richard from Washington

Richard's story begins at a very young age. When he was six years old, he saw his neighbor drive home in a brand new 1963 Chevy II Nova. This decked out model included power steering and a gorgeous red coat. Richard told his neighbor lady the first chance he got, “Boy, I want that car.” Flattered, she replied that Richard was too young - not even old enough to drive. Her response didn't stop Richard from professing his love for her Nova every chance he got.

Sadly, when Richard was twelve, his neighbor passed away. Shortly thereafter, Richard was riding his bike through the neighborhood when a woman flagged him down. She was the daughter of the Nova owner. She told Richard that on several occasions, her mom mentioned the young neighbor boy and his love for her car. It was important to her that she found the young man her mother often mentioned with such fondness.

She asked if Richard was still interested in the Nova, as it had been sitting in the backyard for many years and was of no use to her. Richard was so excited at the offer, but at twelve years old, he had no way to buy the car. The woman offered him a deal. She said, “If you mow my lawn each week in the summer for 2 years, I will give you the car.” Of course, Richard jumped at the opportunity. After only 14 months, she called Richard over to claim his earnings. The car wouldn't start, but with a little ingenuity, Richard and his older brother hot-wired it and limped it to its new home three doors down.

Richard told me on the phone that he had the nicest car in the neighborhood, because at age fourteen, he couldn't drive, and his way to enjoy the collector was to wash it every single week. When he took ownership of the Nova, it only had 15,000 original miles. Today it runs strong with just over 60,000. Forty-six years have gone by since Richard brought the Nova home, and to this day it is still his pride and joy.

Nominated by Nick in Auto Sales & Service