1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Rick from California

Rick's great-grandmother, Jovanna, bought this 1955 Bel Air off the lot brand new. To this day they still have the original keychain the keys came on, the driver’s manual, and the letter from the salesman giving their congratulations for buying the car, all preserved in a box. It really was a special purchase for her.

In 1971 the vehicle was passed along to Rick's grandmother Anne, who had the vehicle till ‘78 when she decided to pass it along to Rick. Rick and his father worked hard to maintain the vehicle like the day his great-grandmother drove it off the lot. In order to keep it as pristine as possible, they redid the paint together and even tracked down replica tires when the originals started to go.

In 2016 Rick's daughter Kate used the Bel Air for her wedding. The vehicle wasn't running properly, so her brother Frank worked on it for three months prior in order to make sure his sister would be able to have it for the most special day of her life.

Frank is also now married, and while they couldn't use the vehicle for the wedding, they did use the Bel Air for his engagement photos. The week before Franks wedding, Rick had his mother, Anne, and his father come over to the house. They took the keys, still on the original keychain, and wrapped them in a ring box. That night he gave that box to his son and told him the car would be his.

Samantha Whalen