1967 Ford Mustang Convertible Rick & Mary Michelle from Texas

This story began when Rick’s wife, Mary Michelle, was only 8 years old. Her dad bought a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible for less than $1,000 as a project car to restore. Dad was a retired jet pilot from the Vietnam War and was mechanically inclined. His goal was to work on the 1967 Mustang with his oldest daughter as a father/daughter project and it would be her vehicle when she turned 16 years old.

At 8 years old Mary Michelle hung around the garage all the time and loved watching the restoration of the Mustang. When Mary Michelle turned 16 the Mustang became her baby. She loved that car. She drove to school early so she could get the corner ‘safe’ parking space in the school parking lot. The car took Mary Michelle everywhere, it was in the homecoming parade, school events and more. Mary Michelle even had her senior photo with her horse and her 1967 Mustang in the photo.

When Mary Michelle went off to college the Mustang stayed home with Dad, no one drove the mustang. Mary Michelle bought a corvette while at college (she still had a passion for the classics). In 2010 Mary Michelle met Rick, Rick owned a Jaguar XJS. You could say their passion for classics helped to pull them together.

As their dating progressed Mary Michelle introduced Rick her first car – the 1967 Mustang. Rick fell in love with the car as much as Mary Michelle did. The Mustang was still stored at Dad’s house and Rick and Mary Michelle made an offer to purchase the Mustang from Dad at a “family deal”.

They married in 2012 and decided that a full restoration of the Mustang was required. Now with both Rick and Mary Michelle sharing the passion for the Mustang they cut no corners on the restoration, it has a genuine leather interior and the burgundy red racing stripe over the black is the original color of the car.

A few years later Rick received a work bonus for the Longfellow’s Driving School for both he and Mary Michelle. They both drove corvettes and both were WOWED at this experience. So much so that together again took their shared passion to a new level.

Now they both are licensed SCCA race car drivers. Mary Michelle races a 1995 Mazda Spec Miata and Rick races a 1996 Formula Mazda. They both have raced at Circuit of the Americas and other tracks for several years now.

Laurie Lawrence