1952 Vespa Allstate Scooter Robert from Michigan

Bob told us that his friend bought this scooter in 1952 through the Sears Roebuck Catalogue. His friend delivered the newspapers in their small town for several years using this scooter. Bob started on the route at nine years old and used a bicycle until he was old enough to ride the scooter, which he then bought from his friend. He had 75 customers and could run the route in about twenty minutes from start to finish with the help of this little scooter. He sold the scooter in 1963 for $90 but it never left his memory. Thirty years later, after searching for it and finding it in rough condition, he really wanted to buy it and restore it for sentimental reasons. He bought it back for somewhere around $1,000 and proceeded to fully restore the Vespa. The restoration was not only a fun project, it also brought back many memories of the past. Bob says that he would eventually like to sell the little Vespa to someone who would care for the scooter as he has tried to do.

Taylor Elliott