1970 Plymouth Superbird Robert from Iowa

Robert was a pit crew member for Roma Stott a well know NASCAR driver and ARCA series champion in 1970 and 1971. In the fall of 1970 Robert was heading down to the Daytona 500. He has attended every running since 1962. (Yeah, that’s 55 races!) The morning he was about to leave for the long drive from Iowa to Daytona Beach, he received a call from Roma asking if he was still planning on attending the race, Robert answered of course. Then Roma asked if he could fill in as a pit crew mechanic as one of his team was very ill and need a fill in. Robert agreed and 22 years later he retired as Roma Stott’s number one mechanic. They race only Superbirds in those years. So after winning the 1970-1971 Championship Robert decided he wanted one of his own. He and his wife picked out their white Superbird together in 1972. It has less than 10K original miles and has not left their barn since the early 90’s.

Robert loves telling you about his racing days and the time he got Darrelle Walltrip disqualified for running a dirty dog engine.

Andy Chisholm