1978 Ford Thunderbird Robert from Wisconsin

All his life Robert has been a huge fan of classic cars and has always wanted a white Thunderbird. Finally in 1978, he had the opportunity to purchase this White 1978 Ford Thunderbird in Prescott, WI.
A year later, June 30th 1979, Robert and Kim got married and made sure they attended the wedding in the beautiful Thunderbird. They also took a picture in the 78 Ford Thunderbird, right after they said their vows.

They started their life journey together and later had two boys, Johnny and Steve. Soon their sons grew up and it was their turn to get married. So they both got married in the Same 78 Ford Thunderbird and posed the same way as their parents did back in 1979.

Robert and his wife still take the Thunderbird to car shows and usually take FIRST place! All these years, their family has called the vehicle their “Good luck Charm” and the 78 Thunderbird keeps the magic alive. They have now been married for 37 years!

Ariana Davi