1979 Schiada 20SS Robert from Wisconsin

Robert was reminiscing with his wife a few weeks ago about a boat that his father built for the family when he was younger. He comes from a family of skiers and his father took an infamous exposed engine/high horsepower boat and modified it to be a skiers dream. Because it was so unique he had to Google an image to show her. Upon typing in the search bar “1979 Schiada 20SS” he stumbled upon the exact photo of his father’s old boat. He investigated and wouldn’t you know it, the same exact boat his father built was for sale over 900 miles away in North Carolina. This coincidence led to the eventual purchase and road trip that happened a few days ago to set up the ultimate surprise. His plan? Surprise his father by pulling up to his home dock along with his brother and ask “do you know anybody who knows how to drive this thing?”

Robert plans to replace the interior to exactly match the boat when it was built and show his dad for his birthday in August.

Cameron Poupard