1984 Honda GL 1200 Gold Wing Robert from Pennsylvania

In 1984 Robert’s dad went to the dealership to buy a new motorcycle and happened to walk by this Honda Gold Wing, which is not the one he originally intended on buying. He talked to his wife who told him if he could come up with the money he could go for it. Robert’s dad drove it until 2004 when he passed away due to a heart attack. The Gold Wing was then given to Robert’s grandfather who cared for it and drove it until 2009 when he passed away of cancer also. That is when Robert inherited the bike. The Gold Wing was very well cared for and Robert carries on that tradition as it means more to him than any monetary value. Everything about it is all original, including the paint, and Robert even bought a period correct battery to maintain the originality. Being a member of many motorcycle clubs, Robert has won numerous awards with it. The award that is most near and dear to his heart is the national award that he won 10 years, to the date, from when his father bought the bike! This bike is truly cherished by this family.

Lisa Tucker