1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 Robert from Connecticut

Robert has owned his 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 since brand new; his dad, who has since passed away, purchased it for him and taught him to drive a stick, and they used to work on the car together. Robert also took the car on dates with his now-wife back when they were teens, and the couple used it on their wedding day. After their honeymoon he parked the car in his dad’s garage, where it sat for 20 years. When he turned 50 and his dad passed away, he gave the car back to himself as a 50th birthday gift and restored it. When he takes his wife out on summer nights in the Pontiac it feels like they are dating and 18 all over again. The car is special to him because it is so much a part of him and his dad. His three sons openly joke about who gets it when he is gone, but he tells them that he just may take it with him.

Submitted by Elissa, Claims Department

I have worked at Hagerty for five years. My favorite classic cars are the 1945 Morris 10 and 1960 Land Rover Defender. The best thing about living in Traverse City is the feeling of living in a big small town: It's the best of both worlds and there is always something to do. The best thing about working at Hagerty is that we truly care about our clients and each other. We know that these are more than just cars, they're members of our clients’ families.