1999 Chevrolet Corvette Robert from Florida

Robert had been looking to purchase a Corvette for a long time. One day, he finally spotted a 1999 Corvette on a lot where a friend of his worked. He took the Vette for a test drive and fell in love with it.

The next day, Robert brought his long-time companion, Jackeline, with him to give it a once over as she is a car girl and he wanted her opinion. Also, he figured since he had just given her a beautiful set of diamond earrings and a bracelet for Valentine’s Day he deserved to get something special too.

Jackeline looked the Vette over thoroughly and advised Robert it was in great shape; but, she said he should not pay one cent over $14k for it. Robert stepped outside to have a cigarette while Jackeline stayed back and schemed a plan with Robert’s friend and the sales manager that the dealership would not take less than $14,500 for the Vette – FIRM.

Robert made his offer of $14k and the dealership would not budge from $14.5k. Robert left there so frustrated that they would not come down a mere $500! He just could not believe it. Robert couldn’t eat for the rest of the day. He didn’t help Jackeline bring the plants in that evening as he always did. He was just beside himself that the dealership would not come down $500.

The next morning Jackeline went out to run errands. When she returned, she called to Robert to help her bring the heavy things in. While still despondent, he thought "what kind of furniture did she drag home this time"? When he went outside, there was the Corvette sitting in his driveway with a huge bow on it! Robert’s mouth literally dropped open--he could not believe it! Jackeline had planned the whole thing to be able to give him the best Valentine’s gift ever!

Jan from the Hagerty Service Center