1959 Pontiac Catalina Robert from South Carolina

When Robert went to visit his son over Christmas and the garage door opened, there was the '59 Catalina. His son had spent three years restoring this vehicle for his parents' 50th anniversary, which is June 15th of this year. In fact, there is a picture in the family archives of Robert and his wife Jean driving off to their honeymoon in this same car.

As for the restoration, Robert's son did lots of the work himself, but called in the professionals when needed. Lots of love and money went into this resto, because the son wanted the car to look exactly like the one they drove to their honeymoon in.

Robert says he can’t wait to drive it to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  We're going to ask him to please send us a picture.

Submitted by Halley, Underwriter

I’ve worked at Hagerty for almost two years. I have a few dream cars including: 1966 Mustang, 2013 Shelby Cobra Mustang and 1945 Willys Jeep. I grew up in the Traverse City area and left only for school. I am so happy to be home working for such an amazing company in such a beautiful area. My favorite things are: my family, my dog and learning more everyday about the awesome world of classic cars.