1973 Porsche 911T Robert from Ontario

“If you could only see the stacks of Porsche magazines I have!”

Robert’s ear to ear grin radiated through the phone and it was contagious. He was calling to insure his dream car—a newly purchased 1973 Porsche 911T—all original except for the black paint that currently conceals the beautiful Oxford Blue color of the car.

Robert was 8 years old when he fell in love with Porsches and has kept a penny jar ever since, saving coins to someday buy a Porsche of his own. SUCCESS! Although the penny jar didn’t completely cover the cost of the Porsche, collecting his spare change kept him motivated through the years and definitely took a chunk out of the bargain price that he eventually paid for the car.

The search for Robert’s car took years. There were a few deals that appeared to be a sure thing—putting a Porsche within his grasp—but, in the end, they always fell apart. Robert watched as the values of Porches started to appreciate. He worried that the escalating values would keep a vehicle out of his reach and he might never find his elusive Porsche.

Just 2 weeks ago, Robert learned about a Porsche right around the corner from his house. He went over and met Frank, a retired car dealer who was the second owner of his 911 Porsche and who'd enjoyed it for the past 26 years. Frank had always refused the many offers to purchase his vehicle. He had the 911 tucked away in his garage and was saving the car for his children and grandchildren. The car simply was not for sale. But he liked Robert. They talked. There were stories. There were memories. There was laughter. Frank saw Robert’s passion for all things Porsche. The talk led to negotiations. Eventually, the men shook hands and Robert went home with yet another tentative deal on the table. However, Frank soon started having second thoughts about selling the Porsche. Enter Maria…

Maria is Robert’s girlfriend, the love of his life and his fiancee as of last week. Along with saving for a Porsche, Robert has also been saving for a wedding. After meeting and dating Maria for 3 years, this trumped the purchase of a Porsche. Maria is well aware of Robert’s lifelong Porsche obsession and after discussing the vehicle with her, she approved the purchase if there was a deal to be had. Robert didn't feel right about getting the car before asking Maria to marry him. He had to have a clear conscience. So, he popped the question. Maria said "Yes, now let’s go buy your car!” She basically sealed the deal with Frank. “She’s persuasive,” advised Robert. Maria convinced Frank to sell them the Porsche.

The 911 has finally been brought home. After giving the Porsche a little TLC, Robert and Maria plan on starting their life together by driving away from their September 16 wedding in the car.

Nominated by Rich on the Canada Sales and Service Team

Rich has been a sales and service agent with Hagerty for 9 years in the USA and Canada. Rich absolutely enjoys the daily interaction with Hagerty customers and revels in collecting cars vicariously through his conversations with clients! Outside of Hagerty, Rich is a musician and plays keyboards for a northern Michigan band - Rumor. Rich is also a family man and with his wonderful wife has the most amazing son in the world. Rich’s favorite car – Definitely anything Mustang!