1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Robin from Virginia

Robin bought this car in June of 1996 in memory of her dad after he passed away. The car her dad owned was 1965 Volkswagen and it was stolen and totaled in the 80’s. She remembers her father teaching her how to drive a stick when she was thirteen. He would make her drive to 7-eleven for a milk, juice, and beer run as she put it. She remembers driving at night to the store with her dad holding an open beer can and struggling to find third gear. She also remembers one time when she was at school and skipped, her dad came to switch vehicles and found that she had played hooky that day and was in serious trouble.

One of her favorite memories is when she and her girlfriends would sneak out during a slumber party and put the car in neutral push it out of the driveway and up the road to start it. Then they would go to the local taco shack to get food then come back, kill the engine and coast back in the driveway with the food in hand and in pajamas.

Robin started the restoration process of the car in 2009, finished it in 2010, and has owned it ever since. She had it plated with a vanity plate in the memory of her dad's nickname LIL MUTT.

Today she uses the car to deliver presents for kids and has a stuffed Scooby Doo sticking out of the car. She really loves the car and involving children in the car to keep the hobby alive. Robin said she would get rid of her daily driver’s before ever selling this vehicle.

Ryan Frazier