1956 Ford Thunderbird Roger from Michigan

This is the story of how Roger and Susan met, and it was all made possible by his 1956 Ford Thunderbird.
Many years ago, Roger and his buddy had decided to take the Thunderbird down to the local Big Boy restaurant. Roger wasn’t looking for a girl at the time, just a fun night out with his car. Susan and her girlfriend had plans to go out to a show with their dates that same night. However, lucky for Roger, Susan was stood up and she and her friends decided to go out in her 1962 Volkswagen instead of staying at home.

While they were out cruising, Roger’s buddy recognized the girl that was riding around in the Volkswagen, and he and Roger convinced the girls to meet them back at Big Boy. When they got back Roger parked the Thunderbird and his buddy jumped out and ran over to the VW and convinced the girls to let him take it for a quick spin. The girls agreed, not knowing that Roger’s buddy wasn’t just taking the car around the block. While Susan, who found herself displaced from the driver’s seat of the VW, stood there waiting for Roger’s friend to come back, she decided to go sit with Roger in the Thunderbird. Roger and Susan hit it off right away, and as they sat there in the Ford Thunderbird they made plans to go out that weekend. Roger picked her up in the Thunderbird, of course, and Susan wore a beautiful green coat that matched the car. Two and a half years and Roger and Susan were married!

The Thunderbird stuck with them as life progressed. For many years it sat in the garage, full of chairs and other miscellaneous items, becoming more of a storage unit than the once beautiful car that it had been. Until one day Roger read an article in Reminisce Magazine about a couple that bought and restored a car that they had in their youth. This got Roger thinking about that Thunderbird in the garage, the same car that he had met his wife in, and that’s when he set about restoring the car to its former glory. Susan liked the idea and the whole family pitched in to help work on the car. It took nearly three years to complete the restoration on the Thunderbird but the car was nearly finished and with a big anniversary quickly approaching, Roger borrowed a set of tires from the restoration shop, as this was the last piece he was waiting on.

Fifty-two and a half years after the night they met at the Big Boy, they were once again cruising in the T-bird, only this time they were on their way to dinner, celebrating 50 years of marriage. Since finishing the restoration they have taken it to a few car shows and have already taken home three trophies!

Cole Liggett