1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 Roger from Texas

Roger grew up with his dad learning about cars, he always told his dad he wanted Alan Jacksons Camaro. Years pass and Roger went to an Alan Jackson Concert and there it was. He offered Alan Jackson a lot of money, Alan denied the offer and the country singer ended up selling it to somebody else. Years pass and Roger’s father passes away, Roger purchases a GTO and ironically the Camaro pops up for sale in another state. He calls the business and offers them a lump sum, the dealer declined the offer & that was that. As his GTO is being unloaded by a truck he gets a call from the dealer and they said they will accept the offer. After that, he told his wife “you know that blue car I’ve always wanted? Well, now I got it!” The wife replies “well what about the GTO we just bought!” He then responds with “looks like we’re going to have to sell the GTO!” Roger Believes the spirit of his Father helped him get this vehicle.

Miguel Santiago