1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA Coupe Roger from Nebraska

Roger's story is one of family intrigue. Rumor has it that in 1927, his great aunt was given the Chevy Capitol AA Coupe as a gift from her mobster boss; most likely Al Capone. She worked in Chicago as a maid and, at the time, the market value of a 1927 Chevy Coupe was $700. A price-point way too high for someone making a maid's wage.

Roger bought the car after his great aunt's passing in 1977. He found it in pretty rough shape on the family farm with a collapsed roof courtesy of an old goat climbing atop it. It continued to sit in the barn from 1977 to 2012 as the farm business suffered. But, in 2012, Roger started the restoration, completing it just this year.

The 1927 Chevy has the rare pipe bumper option along with many other bells and whistles, adding credibility to the family rumor of his great aunt's mob connection. Roger's very proud of the family history behind his restored classic. It's now been in the family for 87 years.

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