1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 Ron from Illinois

Ron has been a very passionate and proud owner of 1967 Cougar XR7 for 35 years. He purchased this vehicle when he was 20 years old and can never see himself getting rid of it. He said other cars have come and gone, but he has always hung onto this one. With this vehicle being in the family so long it has seen many things. One of his best memories of this vehicle is when his son was of driving age. Ron spent a lot of time next to his son teaching him how to drive such a nice vehicle. This vehicle was restored in the late 80’s and has been to many shows over the years. The best shows Ron has attended are the Cougar’s Anniversary shows. He attend the 25th in Holland and will be attending the 50th this year in Detroit in June. On another note his wife Deborah also has a 1967 Cougar. They have had the 50th anniversary show planned for over a year.

Vickie Ciesliga