1928 Indian Hill Climber Motorcycle Rudy from California

Rudy’s co-worker knew he like old bikes, so he shared the story about his uncle who’d raced Indian bikes many years ago. He also told him that his aunt still owned the original bike.  Rudy met with her and she finally sold the motorcycle to him several years later.  She included the original racing gear, photos, and records of the bikes origin and history.

Rudy did a light restoration on the bike but kept everything totally original as was built in the factory in 1928, keeping all of the dings and patina.

The rest of the story...

In 1928, his co-worker’s uncle was contacted by the Indian Manufacturing factory in Massachusetts to come test drive their new racing motorcycle.  He drove his Model A pickup truck to the top of the hill above the Indian factory before meeting with the engineers to test-drive the motorcycle. He brazenly drove it straight up the hill, loaded it into his pickup truck and drove off—he stole the motorcycle!  He then drove to California where motorcycle races were held. He was so good he won nearly every race and soon the news got back to the Indian factory.  The Indian management sent word to the uncle that if he would wear the Indian gear and promote Indian motorcycles they would forgive him for stealing the bike, give him the bike, and sponsor him to race the bike!!!  And the rest is motorcycle racing history.

Laurie Lawrence