1967 Chevrolet Camaro Scott from Texas

Scott said the vehicle was purchased brand new by his grandparents in 1967. His grandparents made his mother get a job when she was 11 years old at a skating rink. They made her open a savings account and pay “rent” to live at their house. When Scott’s mom turned 16, her parents went and bought her this vehicle with the money she had put away in savings and the "rent" money.

His mom drove the vehicle everyday with pride and then passed it on to him. Scott was able to completely restore the vehicle and now it is worth $110k! He now has a son that is working and paying "rent" to him. His son has no clue that all the money will be going towards this vehicle that will be passed down to him!

Scott wants to keep the vehicle in the family as long as he can. Scott said the emotional value is worth much more than the actual cash value.

Jessica Burdick