1972 Buick GS 455 Sean from NH

Sean’s father bought this Buick GS 455 brand new back in 1972, little did he know he was buying a family heirloom. His family drove this vehicle as a daily driver, and when Sean was born he was brought home from the hospital in the Buick. When the gas crisis struck in 1978, his father decided to trade the Buick in. However, the dealer wouldn’t touch it since it had the big block engine so Sean’s father decided to park it. While growing up, Sean would admire the GS 455 every day. It was stored under a car cover in the garage (that is actually Sean admiring the trunk in the photo). His father told him someday this car will be his.
Finally, in 1988, that day came. Sean got his license and took the Buick to the car shop to get engine and brake work done. He brought the vehicle to life and in 1989 had it repainted. He instantly started going to car shows and began a lifelong passion for the hobby. It also started Sean’s love for Buicks as he also has a 1966 Skylark and a 1960 LeSabre in his 5 car collection. He even has a 1991 Toyota that he has swapped the engine out for Buick 350 engine.

Nate Chamberlain