1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee Stephen from Ontario

Stephen has come by the love of the hobby naturally, it has been born and bred into him. His role model is his young mom of 72 years who was a drag racer of a 1970 Challenger back in the day. Stephen has said his mom is still involved in the hobby and drives a ‘73 Challenger and ‘76 Fury but no longer drag races. However, like Stephen, she is a member of a local car club.

Stephen himself has always loved the ‘71 Super Bee 440 six-pack. So much that at the tender age of 13/14 years old, he bought multiple models of different makes of cars to create one colored red. (Back in 1971 they did not have a model for this car to create.) Now years later he kept the model and has the car to match.

Starting out Stephen said his first car ever was a ‘76 Volare which he sold to buy his wife an engagement ring in 1993. In 1998 he finally found and bought his Super Bee which came home in a wheelbarrow. He said the car was crying out to him to PLEASE HELP! It showed the scars of so many other people’s dreams. Stephen started out by tracking down the original owner of the car and tried multiple times to contact him. However, the owner would not answer him. Finally, Stephen wrote a letter to him stating what this car had optioned on it. The owner did reply and would only circle in red what was true and then signed it. Surprisingly the car had a trailer hitch welded on it to tow a boat back then. This is what the original owner wanted…something powerful to tow.

When Stephen started restoring the car and had a body man look at it, he was told: "I hope you have deep pockets". The costs were going to be high. Stephen loved this car so much that he decided to put himself through trade school to learn welding and various other skills so he could do the work himself. The car, however, had to be put on the back burner for some time while Stephen was in school.
Well, the years went by and Stephen and his wife adopted a 3-month-old little boy who is now 8yrs. old. Stephen said this boy is his shining star and has been his right hand in this build. He loves the car as much as he does and has been with him every step of the way. They finished the car which is now matching numbers and is only one of six made for Canada. Stephen said there was 30 in the states that were built. Stephen has plans to show the car with a Mopar show lined up in Chicago. As Stephen was telling me the story of his car you could hear the emotion in his voice as he started to choke up. Stephen said this car will forever be in his family and is a “Labor of Love”

Sue Anderson