1979 Chevrolet Corvette Stephen from Alabama

Stephen and his close friend Scotty both served in Vietnam, and they worked on this 1979 Corvette together. His friend Scotty was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, and the Corvette was then passed down to Stephen.
Everything on the Corvette represents something. The stars represent every marine that died in Vietnam. There is a mural of a woman under the hood and the purple hearts on her necklace represent their three purple hearts, two are Stephen’s and one for Scotty.
This car represents "what my friend and I have been through" in life and war. Truly an amazing story of friendship and how the collector car hobby can so often mean a whole lot more than the car itself.
When Stephen spoke of his friend and the journey they had gone through, you could hear that the powerful connection they shared will live on through the car they built together.

Jake Krause