1981 Subaru GL Stephen from Oregon

Stephen first bought the 1981 Subaru GL when he was 14 years old, he didn't even have his driver’s license yet! He only had $5 in his pocket and the owner sold it to him.

The vehicle needed some work, but over the years he learned to do all the work necessary on the vehicle. He loved this car, and Subaru's are very popular in the Northwest part of the country. He ended up selling the vehicle when he went away to college, but never forgot about it.

He always loved this vehicle, his Dad also had one, as well as his friend Ben. Over the years he noticed that they seemed to be disappearing, you just didn't see them around like you used to. Every so often he would hop on eBay and just search these vehicles.

Then about three years ago he happened upon his old car on eBay! He couldn't believe it and showed it to his fiancée (now wife). A short time later, she surprised him with the car as a wedding gift! She bought it for $3500 and the seller also threw in some extras, such as period correct roof rack.

He and his wife now love taking it for scenic drives with their dog in the beautiful region surrounding their home. Considering the vehicle is mostly original, and no restoration, it's in pretty good shape. He plans to continue to do some work on the vehicle here and there, much like when he was a kid. "It's just a car that isn't special to anyone but my wife and I, but we love it."

Stacy Hoag