1973 Yamaha AT3 125cc Steve from Florida

Steve had been riding mini bikes for a while and when he was fourteen years old his dad decided it was time for him to have his first real motorcycle. This was a huge accomplishment as his mom made his dad promise that if they ever had a son he would NOT have a motorcycle. Steve’s dad drag raced and flat tracked motorcycles in the late 40’s and she was not fond of it.

Looking through the local paper, Steve and his dad found a 1973 Yamaha 125 Enduro. He still remembers looking at it the first time, parked at a condo in St. Petersburg. When they pulled up it was shining blue in the sunlight as it had just been washed. It was love at first sight and after looking it over they bought it. From that day on Steve has always preferred Yamaha’s.

About two months ago Steve was telling the story to two motorcycle friends and said in passing that he would love to have the same year and color Yamaha to ride in their local events. One of the friends was leaving a couple days later to drive to Iowa. Right before he left he sent Steve a Craigslist ad from Iowa for a 1973 Yamaha 125, with the same blue paint job. Steve quickly called the seller and learned that he restored the bike last winter. After seeing some additional pictures a deal was made. His friend brought it back and Steve remembered that feeling from over 40 years ago when I got the first one. It seemed much smaller and slower but it gave him the same feeling to ride it as the first one did. Talk about a dream come true!!!

Aaron Reive