1958  Chevy Corvette Steve from Georgia

Steve loves Corvettes. He and his dad used to work on a beautiful 1958 Corvette they had modified for drag racing. They took their time and built a beautiful dragster that anyone would be proud of. As time went on, the vehicle was sold, but Steve never forgot how much he loved that 1958 Corvette he and his dad spent so much time with. Fast forward a few years and Steve is on the hunt for a new classic to call his own. He set out to find a similar 1958 Corvette and during his search found a stock 1958 Corvette that was not numbers matching – it had just undergone a full restoration. He initially didn’t pay much attention to it as he felt it was priced too high; however, he eventually relented and decided to go have a look.

When Steve got there to look at the Corvette, he began to notice little details about the car – this Corvette used to have a roll cage and other signs of modifications. Steve did more searching and found that lots of old modifications were removed when it was converted to stock, and in light of the new findings, it was eerily similar to his dad’s old Corvette. The kicker came when he found some orange paint that had been left on the car from previous work. At this point, Steve decided he needed proof. He pulled up the title history for the Corvette, and lo and behold, Steve discovered that it was the same Corvette he and his dad worked on when he was a kid. He was flabbergasted. Steve began the search for a similar car and ended up with the real thing.

Steve intends to enjoy the Corvette with his son and pass it down to him one day.  

Nominated by Steve in Auto Sales & Service