1968 Chevrolet Nova Steven from Florida

Steven’s first vehicle was a 1968 Camaro at the age of 17. He had been working three jobs while in high school and would give all of that money to his grandmother who took care of him. When he graduated, she surprised him and asked if he would like to get a car. She had saved all the money and gave it back to him. He soon found a 1968 Camaro, the man selling it decided to give it to Steven for $2500, the same amount of miles that were on the odometer.

Steven remembers cruising around in the car on the search for his “dream girl”. A couple years later, he was deployed in the military and the car was left to sit. When he returned, he discovered many issues with the car including the transmission. It was too costly to fix so he was forced to sell it

Fast forward to a couple years ago and Steven is driving around with his wife, he sees a 1968 Nova (yellow), the vehicle is in decent condition but needs some work. He restores the vehicle back to original and since then it has won many shows. Now that he is happily married, he states “Back then, I had the car but didn’t have the girl. Now I have the dream car and the dream girl”. He has also personalized the license plate to read DOLLFACE which is his nickname for his wife.

Since then, he has also purchased and restored a couple other cars to their former glory and plans on showing them at small local charity events. His hope is to use the appeal of a classic car show to draw visitors in to purchase raffle tickets for items local businesses have donated. In turn, he plans to donate all proceeds to local children in need.

Steven believes these cars represent much more than the style and money invested into the vehicles. They represent his childhood, present and future. He hopes this story shows that if you want something bad enough, and hold it close in your heart without compromise someday it will come back to you.

Ruth Eipper