1935 Ford Model 48 Susi from Michigan

Known as “Corvette Susi” to their auto club, Susi noticed that it was getting a little more difficult to get in and out of her three beloved Corvettes. When a gentleman came to one of the weekly auto club get-togethers with a 1935 Ford for sale, she realized that it would be the perfect car for her. She climbed into the Ford and said "It’s mine." Everybody else was interested in buying, but she just kept saying "No, it’s mine. Honey, pay the man." She refused to get out of the Ford until he bought it for her. That’s how she got her three Corvettes, too!

Paul and Susi love sharing their collectors with others. According to Susi, “Cars are to be shared, not shown.” She told the story of when she let some kids sit in one of her Corvettes, and they squealed because they were so excited. She looked to the parents to apologize, and the parents started hugging each other and crying. When she asked them why, they said that their kids were deaf and mute and that was the first sound they had ever made.

Rivaling the couple’s love of the hobby is Susi’s love of Halloween. Every year, Susi and Paul enter the annual car decoration contest in Houghton Lake. For the past two years, their collector has won. Susi said this year, it took 4 hours to decorate her Ford, and her husband had to bring a lot of her decorations in the van. At 11:45 am the day of the contest, it started pouring rain and she had to take all outside decorations off and cover the others with a tarp. By the time the judges came around, they didn't even see her car. The people who did get to see it must have voted for it, because she did get in the top 40.

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I grew up in beautiful Leelanau County, where summers were spent on the water, and winters on the ski hills. I’ve been at Hagerty for about a year now, and I love the energy and focus of this company. I’ve certainly learned lot more about collectors than I ever have before! Someday I plan on owning a 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door convertible, with a bright turquoise and white paint job.