1966 Ford Mustang Tab from Arizona

In 2003, Tab was looking for a Mustang convertible. Once his new purchased arrived he immediately started stripping it down and cutting all the rust out. He worked on it for several months but was forced to sell the vehicle as he was going through a divorce.
Twelve years later, after getting back on his feet, he decided to look for a new project car. He found another 1966 Mustang that was all in boxes. He bought it that day and when he got the car, and all the parts, home he began to open them all in his backyard like a kid at Christmas. He pulled out a Ziploc baggie that had some nuts and bolts with a note inside saying “Bolts for drivers Door.” He laughed as he showed it to his new wife saying that it looked like his handwriting. He also laughed because he too put the parts in labeled baggies so they did not get lost.
He opened another baggie, inspected another note, and said it really looked like his handwriting. Turning the paper over, he found another note, “Good morning Rooskie… Hope you have a great day.” It was a note he had written to his daughter twelve years ago. He bought the same car that he sold twelve years ago.
Now that he has it finished he made sure to get a custom plate to commemorate his car coming back to him after all that time.

Jake Pobst