1978 Dodge Monaco Highway Patrol Ted from Pennsylvania

When a police car is retired in the state of California, the state paints it brown and renames it a “brown bagger.” This particular vehicle was saved from becoming a “brown bagger” because a police officer took ownership of it prior to its date with the brown paint. It’s now the only vintage California police car left in original condition, and was used for the TV show “CHiPs.” Ted’s friend works in the production industry and kept the vehicle after the TV show came to an end. Ted thought it was a really cool car that would be fun for car shows and fundraisers/parades locally, and he had to have it. He said it was an adventure to go pick up the car with his family, and that even if the vehicle didn’t make it all the way home, the trip with his family and the car would have been worth it. The vehicle did make it home. Ted sees it as the ultimate attention-getter: an ideal police car that people remember and everyone loves. Once, at a gas station, he came out to about 50 people around his car taking photos.

Submitted by Jessica, Underwriting