1972 Chevrolet Corvette Terry from Georgia

It was 1972 when Terry had her first job and needed a car. Her father worked for GM and knew how much her daughter had always loved Corvettes. So with the help of his GM discount she purchase a 1972 custom blue T-Top. Then on November 14th, 6 months after the purchase, tragedy struck when the car was stolen from her parking lot at work. A police report was filed, a search commenced but the car was not found. Terry was sure that it had been chopped up and sold for parts or thrown in the Chattahoochee River.

Fast forward to 2015, a North Carolina car dealer purchased a 1972 custom blue T-Top Corvette from a newly widowed woman and ran the VIN. It didn’t take long for him to notice that the description on the vehicle title did not match the car he was looking at. He compared the VIN on the title to the VIN imprinted on the engine and inside the frame…they did not match. He notified police who quickly were able to connect the real VIN to a still open 1972 theft report in GA. It turns out the Corvette had never been chopped up or thrown away, but had been hot rodding around North Carolina for 42 years.

Terry’s father was still listed as the named insured from 1972 and was notified by GA police that the car had been found. However, the state of North Carolina had taken possession of it and had placed it in an impound lot until someone could show the original title. Terry nor her father had the title any longer, plus Allstate who originally insured the car had already paid out the claim in 1972 relinquishing her ownership of the Corvette. She again thought the car was gone forever. A local Atlanta news station had caught wind of the story and did a feature on it shining a spot light to her plight. It was hope but the amount of red tape involved with North Carolina seemed impossible.

On Terry’s 62nd birthday Allstate gave her the surprise of her life. They were able to provide ownership documents to North Carolina, retrieve the classic from their impound, have her original Allstate agent come out of retirement and drive that same 1972 Corvette down her driveway returning it to her 42 years later. All while being filmed by the Today show!

Currently Terry is having the Corvette restored back to its stock condition. In a week it will then drive back down the same driveway to the same carport that it left that morning nearly 43 years ago.

Seth Halbert