1982 Lamborghini Countach Terry from Georgia

Some people dream of owning a particular car their entire life. If you asked any little boy in the 1980’s what car that would be, they would have answered the same: a Lamborghini. Terry was lucky enough to grow up watching his dad drive that very car. I had the pleasure to speak with Terry about his recently inherited 1982 Lamborghini and his plans to restore it to its glory days.

“It may sound silly, but I can still remember sitting on the porch and hearing my dad fire up this car’s engine. I am not kidding--you could hear that car and know exactly where it was five miles away.”

Unfortunately, Terry’s parents went through a divorce that was very difficult for the entire family. As a result of the divorce, his brother was given the families Corvette; while Terry was given his dream car, the 1982 Lamborghini.

Terry began the restoration on the vehicle and applied to Hagerty with the intention of insuring it for the $10,000 he has into the vehicle. He had no idea that his car was selling on the market for an average of $415,000 and going as high as $1,000,000 at auction.

The vehicle is going to take a few years and some additional costs to complete; but, Terry is lucky enough to have a couple of helpers to assist him with the expenses. His two young boys decided they would help dad with the Lamborghini by contributing any change they can find and placing it in Terry’s Lamborghini mug that sits on his desk.

Terry has so many happy memories associated with the Lamborghini. He cannot wait for the day he can finally drive this amazing car with his boys right by his side.


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