1931 Graham Custom 834 Series II Thomas from Delaware

Thomas is a man who has always been passionate and involved in the car hobby. Starting in high school, when he learned how to drive, through his four years of service in the Marine Corps, and upon his return as Sergeant Thomas Mosley, he has loved the automobile. His mother and stepfather shared this love with their son, and when he returned home from his tour of duty, Thomas immersed himself in the upkeep of his parents' collection. Thomas' mother, Janet, and stepfather, Air Force Sgt. James Parks (known as "Sarge" to his friends) owned this limited edition, custom Graham before sharing ownership with Thomas. Specially commissioned for a local doctor, it was the only convertible that Graham manufactured in 1931. Between the doctor's ownership and that of Thomas' family, it was painted burgundy and black, but the family corrected the Graham to its original colors after they acquired it. Aside from being a rare collector, the Graham has other unique attributes that make it stand out from the rest, including a pocket in the back door to hold golf clubs, a wind up clock on the rear-view mirror, a custom made trunk, and the profile of the three Graham brothers stamped into the glass covers of the taillights.

A great loss in many respects, “Sarge,” the man who considered the Graham his "baby," passed away in 2004. He left a legacy of collecting to his wife Janet and stepson Thomas, with whom he'd shared his knowledge of and love for classics, and the blood, sweat and tears involved with the restoration process. Thomas says he especially loves the Graham for its smooth ride and luxurious simplicity.

Thomas and his mother (91 this year!) will still head out for a short cruise now and then in one of the several collectors his stepfather passed down to them. Thomas says that he hopes Sarge knows his Graham is being nominated for Classic of the Week at Hagerty, because it would make him so happy and proud to see others recognizing and appreciating his “baby.”


Nominated by Katie in Client Acct. Processing

Born in Grosse Pointe, my family relocated to Traverse City while I was very young. I’ve always called Traverse City my home and learned to drive stick shift in a classic, electric blue Camaro on its beautiful back roads. I came to join the Hagerty family in December 2013, although I continue to volunteer on weekends at the assisted living facility that I previously worked for. By day I roam Traverse City with my two huge dogs (a pit and a rottie), and by night you can find me ballroom dancing at variety of venues. My dream mode of transportation would be a 1984 Honda Shadow…a practical vehicle for gorgeous Northern Michigan!