1959 VW  Transporter Thomas & Dawn from California

Thomas and Dawn owe the fact that they're together to their local vintage VW car club. Tom expressed interest in joining the club in a post on their online forum after relocating to California from Florida. What really intrigued her was Tom's choice to load up his VW Single Cab Transporter to make the cross-country trip, in December, rather than use his new Toyota Corolla (this reliable car was shipped). As she put it, this was "right up (her) alley."

They started to get to know each other through the monthly club meets and a few caravan cruises, when one cold February day, they were the only two die-hards to show up. Dawn had recently purchased a 1966 VW Bus to complement the '63 VW Beetle she owned. Tom started hanging around to help work on the bus with Dawn. She says, "We fell in love with the bus and then we fell in love with each other in the process."

When it was ready to roll, Dawn and Tom took the Bus on its first road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to attend a VW Bus show in San Diego. This was the first of many, and they even won 2nd place at the oldest and largest VW show in the nation, Bugorama.

A year and a half later, Tom and Dawn got married by the owner of their body shop who was ordained specifically for the occasion. He's gone on to marry other friends, too. Tom's 1959 VW Single Cab Transporter served as the alter, with its drop gates down, making it a flatbed. Dawn's VW Bus, "Velvet" and Beetle, "Hugo," served as Maid of Honor and Best Man. The honeymoon consisted of a 1,000 mile caravan (a VW Treffen) down the West Coast where they received Congrats at every stop. 30-50 cars participated in the event. Dawn says she's always loved her VW Beetle, and has owned it since new, but never thought that it would "bring (her) to find the perfect man." She says they really are a "marriage made in VW heaven."

Nominated by Alicia in Auto Sales & Service

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