1968 Chrysler Newport Custom Timothy from Minnesota

The year is 1963 – The Beatles are at the height of their popularity, JFK is president and Martin Luther King gives his famous “I have a dream” speech. In the hustle and bustle of American life, Timothy and his twin brother Tom are born. Little did he know at the time, but his fate as a lover of cars was sealed from his birth. In 1968, five year old Timothy and his twin brother watched with fascination as their father drove a 1968 Plymouth Station Wagon off the lot and their grandfather drive a sparkling 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom off the lot. Throughout their childhood, Timothy and his brother share fond memories of bouncing around in the beloved Newport Custom while their grandfather took them for rides around his farm, taking them to the store, out to dinner and, of course, to get ice cream.

In 1981 their grandfather breathed his last, leaving the now well loved, used Newport Custom to his son, Timothy’s father. For ten years he kept it safely tucked away in his garage, taking it out only on special occasions and holidays for a coveted family drive, reliving the feeling of exultation sparked from the smells of the plastic covers covering the seats, the sputtering exhaust and the feeling of power as the vehicle leapt into motion.

Finally, he decided it was time to say goodbye to the beloved little car – much to the chagrin of his twin sons and their brother. But the vehicle was sold, the transaction made, and vehicle drove away. As the years passed, the ownership of the Newport Custom changed hands a few times, each time moving to a new city and/or state.

Seventeen years later, Timothy, now living in Farbault MN, took his dog down to the park and saw a vehicle on the side of the road. He could not put his finger on it exactly, but it seemed familiar. Succumbing to his curiosity, he went over to look at it. It was the same type of vehicle that his beloved grandfather had! Naturally, he went up to the house and asked if they would be willing to sell the vehicle. They agreed and he went to look inside and determine the condition of the vehicle. On a whim, he opened the glove compartment and pulled out the keychain that belonged to his grandfather. He could not believe it! It was the exact Newport Custom his grandfather drove off the lot back in 1968. He bought the vehicle the day before Thanksgiving, and surprised his family by driving the Newport up the drive on Thanksgiving – unveiling his miraculous find. Gasps of excitement and disbelief filled the air as the family was once again reunited with the vehicle that had helped create so many wonderful memories for each of them.

Timothy decided to do a full frame off restoration – down to the bolts – to restore the lovely 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom to its original sparkling glory. Restoration completed, he proudly shows off his pride and joy, knowing that it once again will help create wonderful memories for generations to come.

Emilie Larned