1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Tom from Kansas

Tom was working on a 66 Mustang himself and was going to convert it to a fastback. Unfortunately, his modifications were cut short when a muscle disease struck him and had to give up on car building. Tom’s brother Mike decided he wanted to make his Mustang into a fastback also. Tom gave him all the parts from his project, and Mike spent the next few years collecting additional parts that he wanted: a 2007 Mustang GT 4.6 motor and transmission, Heidts 4 link coil over rear and a TCI coil over rack and pinion front end.

Mike lived in Colorado and Tom was in Kansas so they would work on the Mustang together when Tom could get out there. Tom never really felt like he was holding Mike up with his Mustang’s progress because his brother always had about 5 projects going on, but the clock started ticking for both of them at the end of October 2015 when Mike was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Tom asked him which one of his projects he wanted to finish and promised he would get done for him. Not surprisingly, he chose the Mustang.

With the help of some friends who knew what Tom was trying to accomplish, they set a projected start date for the first of the year. The car and parts were delivered to the restoration shop and they crossed their fingers for a 6 month completion – or sooner!

As Mike’s illness progressed, Tom would show him the work being done on the vehicle via the restoration shop’s website. Mike was able to see the vehicle’s progress and Tom was able to get his input on what he wanted most for his car. Sadly, Mike passed away in March of 2016 and would not be able to see the completed product.

As kids, Tom and Mike grew up in MD and tried to get back there at least once a year. Conveniently their arrival was usually coordinated with the start of Cruisin’ Ocean City in the spring or Endless Cruisin’ in the fall. The brothers had talked about doing this for almost 20 years, but had never actually entered a vehicle.

Since Tom was no longer working under a strict time frame, he told the restoration shop to take their time with his brother’s mustang with one exception: that they have done in time for Endless Cruisin’ this October. The vehicle has a following on the restoration shop’s website and is nearing completion.

This October, Tom plans to drive Mike’s Mustang down the boardwalk each morning in memory of his brother. To Tom, Mike will always be part of this car and this year he plans on fulfilling a 20 year dream for both of them.

Joshua Nazworth