1948  Ford Super Deluxe Dunesmobile Tom from Michigan

Bailey from the Sales & Service Team nominated her father, Tom Bensley, and his 1948 Ford Super Deluxe "Dunesmobile" for December's final Classic of the Week. Tom is a life-long Traverse City resident and has always been involved in the community, from the Rotary Club to serving as Grand Traverse County's current Sheriff. His 1948 Ford Super Deluxe is one of the original "Dunesmobiles" from the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. The classic belonged to his parents, and Bailey hopes that someday it will be hers. This car was a member of the very same fleet as Frank Hagerty's beloved Number 9.

Throughout the years, Bailey has heard a few variations on how her grandparents' acquired the Dunesmobile. What she knows for sure is that it belonged to the late Mr. John Rennie, a man avidly involved in the Traverse City community for many years. According to Bailey's aunt, Mr. Rennie was selling her grandparents a saloon-style bar for their home, and insisted that they take the car as well. It was an offer they couldn't refuse.

Over the years, the car's been an important summertime staple in the Bensley family. It's had its moments in the lime light, making appearances in the Cherry Festival Grand Royale Parade, the Heritage Parade, and the Leland Parade, to name a few. More recently, the car has turned into the "Campaign-Mobile" for Tom's two runs for Grand Traverse County Sheriff. Bailey learned to drive a manual shift in the Dunesmobile for the very purpose of driving it for the campaigns.

Although Tom has a few classics, the Dunesmobile is by far his most cherished. Not only is it special to have a piece of automotive history, but a true piece of local history for him tops the cake. Bailey says she knows how proud her dad is to be a Hagerty customer, and especially how excited he is for a hometown company's success. Tom is familiar with the Classic of the Week Program, and loved watching George Hooker's video as the 2013 Classic of the Year winner. Tom's also very familiar with the Finding Number 9 story, and has been asking Bailey for months how to prove that he has a car from the original Sleeping Bear Fleet.

He would be thrilled knowing the story of his little dune car is being shared with Hagerty!

This is a note from Bailey on winning Classic of the Week: "If he does in fact become a winner, I want to give him the letter in person; I think it would make for a great stocking stuffer!"

Nominated by Bailey in Sales & Service