1967 Ford Mustang Tracy and Philip from Massachusetts

Philip's wife, Tracy, always wanted a 'dusty rose' Mustang. She owned a 1966 Mustang years ago, but had to let it go for financial reasons. Philip was determined to find another Mustang for his bride-to-be. He decided that this would be the best surprise wedding gift he could get for her. After searching, he found Tracy's ultimate dream car in December of 2013 - a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe. She saw the car and asked him if he would buy it for her, but he said no. To avoid telling a lie, he gave the money to his brother-in-law who purchased the '67 on Philip's behalf. 

Philip needed a safe place to store the car until he could give the gift to his bride, so he found a friend at a local car museum to house it for him. He decided the day of the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang was a good day to escort his new bride to the museum to see the cars, since they both appreciate the hobby so much.

When they walked into the museum, there just "happened" to be a presentation of the current collection taking place, and the presenter invited the newlyweds (exclusively) to come over to "see something." To Tracy's surprise, she was presented the car of her dreams by the man of her dreams -  her very own dusty rose 1967 Mustang!

Nominated by Crystal in Auto Sales & Service