1966 Ford Mustang Vala from Arizona

In 1986, Vala bought this vehicle in Los Angeles to use as a daily driver. Three weeks later it was stolen. Friday, November 7, Vala received a phone call from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. When asked, she immediately rattled off the plate number and they confirmed with her they had recovered her vehicle in a shipping container on a ship ready to disembark for Australia. She went to pick up the vehicle and it was in great condition - the only changes being the color and conversion to a 4-speed on the floor as opposed to the automatic she once had. Amazingly, it started and ran. She and a friend towed it back to her home in AZ. She said she cried for days after that call. Vala had thought of the Pony car every day since it was taken from her and the fact that she was going to be reunited after twenty-eight years was almost too good to be true.

Nominated by Pete, Sales & Service Team

I have been with Hagerty for almost 2 years. I have 2 amazing children who keep me busy. When I’m not enjoying my time with them I have my own photography business. The creative side of me is where I’m in my "bliss." As far as the car hobby, I have had several family members with collectors and have photographed several car shows as the photo director for NM3 magazine. This included shooting a few collector car calendars. Ironically enough, I almost bought a ’66 Mustang earlier this year….but it just wasn’t in the cards…..the search for my first collector continues.