1965 Pontiac Catalina Warren from California

Warren Winthrop and his father went to the dealership in the summer of ’65 to buy a new car and came home with a beautiful Pontiac Catalina. Much to Warren’s dismay, there was no clock (“I don’t need a clock – I wear a watch!”), nor was there air conditioning (“why do I need that, I just roll down the windows!”). Warren’s father was a very practical man who built the ball in Time Square that still drops every New Year’s Eve, only back then it was run with ropes and pulleys. He also built the huge billboards lining Time Square. When his father passed away, Warren inherited the Pontiac. Papa’s car is all original, except for the paint. On Halloween Warren dresses up like Batman and drives around the neighborhood in his Batmobile to the delight of the local children. He keeps a picture of his Papa on the dash, and on hot days he just rolls down the windows!

Submitted by Shaun, Claims

I attended MSU. After retiring from the school system I came to work for Hagerty. I live with my husband and two dogs and have two grown children. I have lived in Traverse City my entire life, and I enjoy travel, movies, dining out, crossword puzzles, watercolor painting, the beach in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.