1950 Chevrolet Ice Cream Truck Joseph from New Jersey

Selling ice cream is a family affair with Joe’s family. His dad purchased this truck in March of 1956 and traveled the north shore of Staten Island, selling delectable treats. In 1967, Joe's older brother got his driver's license and joined the family business until his graduation from college in '72. Joe convinced his dad not to sell the truck since he would be turning 17 a few years later. His uncle stored the truck in his garage for a couple of years until Joe and his brother picked up the business again.

In April of '76, Joe began his own career as an ice cream man with the 1950 Chevy. He worked his way through high school and college, and, up until November of '81, continued this as a second job even after entering a management career. In 1988, Joe married and moved the truck to his new home, performing spurts of restoration over the next 22 years while raising three kids who all enjoyed rides in the truck when they were small.

In 2008, Joe turned 50, and at the urging of his eldest son, decided to have the truck professionally restored. They built their second truck, a 1954 Chevy, in 2010, and their third, a 1955 Chevy, in 2012. The family now runs a business attending parties and events with the 2nd and 3rd trucks. The original truck is now retired and kept tucked away in his home garage and just driven on rare occasions. This truck is truly a piece of Joe's family history and has a great story.  The whole story can be found on his website.


Submitted by Jennifer, Underwriting